All About Highly Sensitive People

Since 1991, Elaine Aron has studied the personality trait of high sensitivity.

What does high sensitivity mean?

High Sensitivity or Sensory-Processing Sensitivity can be described as having a greater awareness of yourself, people you come in contact with and the world around you.

As a person with Sensory-Processing Sensitivity, you are more likely to be aware of:

  • the emotions of loved ones
  • tensions
  • deadlines
  • improved understanding of consequences
  • loud noises
  • bright lights
  • understanding problems on an intricate level
  • a greater sense of responsibility

Roughly 15-20% of women and men are hypothesized to have the high sensitivity trait. While the highly sensitive person trait is different for everyone, it can be summed up into having a brain which processes input more deeply and thoroughly than the average person.

“A Highly Sensitive Person’s brain processes input more deeply than the average person.”

According to research completed by Dr. Elaine Aron, our brains function a bit differently. We process things on a more complex level.

She established a wonderful acronym to explain these processes: DOES

Depth of Processing


Emotional Reactivity

Sensing the Subtle

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