Social Media Struggle as a HSP

Whoa, talk about overload!!

Social Media is the craze. Geez I sound like an old geezer phrasing it like that, but its true.

It’s what everyone does. All the time.

Not me.

I no longer have Facebook. I haven’t posted on my Instagram account in two years.

My personal twitter account is still out there in space, but remind me to deleteĀ that.

Social Media is just something I cannot do.

It’s too much stimulation. Too much pressure to be an amazing, inspiring, and perfect person. All things which I have always wanted to be and somehow never achieved. I find it to be self-mutilating watching people be confident, say bold things, do bold things, wear bold things, and have a million people around them as they do it. Its painful and makes me feel so much less than them.

As a rational person, I completely agree this sounds like the rantings of a hysterical, overdramatic and “need to get over herself” kind of person. But it’s how engaging in social media makes me feel. It’s how social media has always made me feel.

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