I Can’t Watch Romantic Comedies

I find it difficult to watch romantic comedies.

As a girl, this statement stuns most people. They inevitably ask why. And I can’t answer.

It’s not that I don’t want to. It’s not that I don’t know how to explain. It’s that no one understands. I used to try to explain to people. I figured my friends would at least be able to listen to me. Even if they didn’t understand. But I could see their eyes glaze over. It was like watching the light fade from someone’s eyes. They would try to pay attention. They would look at you and the light from their eyes would fade while they zoned out. Then they would remember their manners and attempt to look at me while I spoke, with this faraway light in their eyes. It was years before I realized that the average person didn’t notice things the way I did. And so, I would stop telling people how I felt, what I thought, how I saw the world.

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Why HSP’s Need To Be Creative

All my life, I have felt the need to create beautiful things. Not just tangible things, but beautiful works of art.

I wondered where this need stemmed from. Why do I feel a bit empty and soulless when I have not fed my creative side in some time? How does it make me feel so off-balance and lost? I attempted to delve into music, draw, and make collages. Each of which have their own separate impact on my creative processes, however none filled my need.  I felt unstimulated and unfulfilled.I am sensitive to my surroundings. When I feel unstimulated, I strive to solve this emptiness by doing something to interest my brain and soul.  Every creative endeavor has not satisfied my need to bring something beautiful to life.

This was how I felt for a long time, until the Christmas of 2015. I walked into a Michael’s store and came out with acrylic paints, paintbrushes, and canvases.

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