Hey! Let’s Wait in Line, an HSP Struggle

Let me warn you.

This will be a depressing article.

So why should you keep reading?

Because as a highly sensitive person, I’m almost 100% positive you have experienced this struggle too.

When I created this blog, I vowed to be honest about my experiences. Sugar-coating the truth would help no one. Especially myself. So here goes; I had to get my car inspected recently. It seemed fairly simply enough. Go to the DMV, wait in line, get the car inspected and leave. Sounds like it should be fairly easy and painless right? It wasn’t. At all.

First, I thought had to make sure everything in my car was alright before I got it inspected.

Turns out, I was wrong. Since my car was fairly new, that was a pointless thing to do.

Then I had to get to the DMV. This can be relaxing because I love listening to music while driving, so at least that is a positive point.

When I get to the DMV I had to take a ticket and wait in line. Again, my brain is telling me this is a fairly simple and painless process so far, so why am I already nervous and have knots in my stomach? I was having “pre-inspection” jitters. I was nervous about the outcome of the inspection even though I was repeatedly reassured by others that I had nothing to worry about.

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There Are No Rules

Sounds daunting doesn’t it.

Let me say it again.

There are no rules.

Let’s be serious. This sounds completely chaotic.  I full heartedly acknowledge this. Life is created by rules. Without rules, society would fall apart. People would revert to animalistic intentions (described in numerous works of fiction, perhaps most recent, the movie “Purge”). However, what is stopping you from eating ice cream at ten in the morning? What is stopping you from watching movies all night long just to watch the sunrise? Nothing. There is no physical force. No chains. No one holding you captive and nothing to feel embarrassed about it.

As highly sensitives, we have a natural tendency to follow the rules.

As highly sensitives (& INFJs) we have a natural tendency to follow the rules. We like order. We like things neat and tidy in order to keep the stress from our sensitivities at bay. In school, we always did our homework. We reminded the teacher to collect it at the end of class. Then were picked on by the other kids because of it. Granted, after the first time of teasing, I learned to never remind the teacher again, but I still thought of it ever single time she or he forgot to collect it. We never asked for extensions. We believe it is our responsibility to get our homework done, and not doing it, for however legitimate a reason, is still our fault.

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Experience TV with all my senses

Are there highly sensitive TV characters?

When I first learned of highly sensitive people, they seemed far and few between. I didn’t dig into the highly sensitive community. I’ve tried too many times to find my niche without success. When I tried again, I found active members who spoke of their sensitives. Many of my favorite blogs such as Introvert, Dear and A Highly Sensitive Person’s Life were speaking about experiences I thought I alone experienced. I loved that sensory processing sensitivity was a real researched personality trait. People around the world were reading about high sensitivity and experiencing difficult situations right along with me. The more I read, the more I learned.

I began to see highly sensitive people everywhere.

My family members, my friends, even TV characters! Good writing is often based on real life experiences. This very much shows through when I’m watching well written TV shows, like Gilmore Girls(!). The main character, Lorelai, is a highly sensitive person through and through. She is easily upset by emotional conversations and has an amazing eye for details. This often shows up through her witty conversations and observation of nuances. While the character of Lorelai has a personality created for her, it is extremely interesting to see aspects of highly sensitive people through many outlets.

For a recently discovered sensitivity trait, it is amazing to think how many of us there have been.

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I Love People (Astounding Right?)

Can you believe that as a highly sensitive person, I love people?

As a highly sensitive person, I should run in fear from people.  I am more attuned to the emotions of others. Multiple emotions can overwhelm me and be unbearable. As an introvert, I need consistent individual time to engage with my inner self. Other people often get in the way. As a recently discovered INFJ (Introversion, Intuitive, Feeling, Judgment) Myers Briggs personality, I care deeply about people and am often afraid of being cared for in return.

While these things may be true, I am not afraid.

I do not run from people, I do not cower in fear, and I do not quake from terror. Now don’t get me wrong, I have my struggles. I become overstimulated, I get flushed and have a loss for words. However, my personal difficulties during social interactions is not in any way related my opinion of people themselves.

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Check out my article on IntrovertDear.com!

Good morning friends!

I’m so excited to have had the pleasure to work with Ms. Granneman from Introvert, Dear on publishing my article on her blog!

Her blog discusses the sensitivities of introverts and highly sensitive people. Reading the blog has helped me to better understand myself and my tendencies. I highly recommend reading their articles. They put into words the complicated nature of highly sensitive and introvert people.

I am so incredibly thankful for this opportunity.

Being featured on this well-written, well-established blog means the world to me. I began this blog to share my experiences as a highly sensitive person which I felt few people were discussing. The nitty-gritty daily trials such as having panic attacks over being stuck in traffic, or feeling pangs of emotion when watching fictional television shows. I never thought that within a few months of making imaging this blog, I would be lucky enough to have an article of my personal experiences featured on an awe-inspiring blog.


Please click the link below and read my article!

World of thanks to Ms. Granneman and the Introvert, Dear community.

All my love.

Why I No Longer Feel Bad About Missing Out

(If the link is faulty, please visit introvertdear.com and search the article “Why I No Longer Feel Bad About Missing Out” 🙂