Tip One: How I accommodate my highly sensitive nature

As a highly sensitive INFJ, I feel things deeply all the time. This includes reading about my highly sensitive nature. Blogs written with this theme in mind always make me feel less alien in a society that is unforgiving of sensitivity. But why is it, that sensitivity blogs, can still have such overstimulating articles? The 7 tips to help me cope with high sensitivity are usually pretty intelligent and well thought out. However, after reading the first three, my brain is already mentally exhausted from the strain of reading, interpreting and imaginatively applying the suggested changes.

I wondered why it was customary to go through 7 tips in as few words as possible instead of deeply and thoroughly explaining one point at a time. If highly sensitive people were reading these tips, did they feel overwhelmed like me?

Today, I want to talk to you about my first tip and one I hope can touch many kinds of thoughts.

Tip One: Learn how to accommodate your highly sensitive nature.

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