Finding my sensitivity sweet spot

Can you imagine sensitivity not being painful?

A recent experiment I have undertaken is to care less. Now, as highly sensitives, we have been told to care less, all of our lives. Yes, I did succumb to some of that poking and prodding, but when I actually tried it, and really tried it, can you believe that it worked? I am still sensitive. I still feel a lot and think a lot, but it’s significantly LESS painful. Can you imagine that, sensitivity not being painful? It sure as heck surprised me.

Now, how did I even do it? To put it simply, I have instituted a mantra. It’s more of a feeling than a set of repeated words I say daily, but if I was to put it into words, it would go something like this:

“I accept this level of sensitivity. I accept that it is out of the norm of those around me. I accept that I find it overwhelming and tough to deal with at times. I also accept that my sensitivity does not define me. I can still choose to be me and react in the manner I think is correct, despite my sensitivity. Last, but not least, now that I have accepted my sensitive reaction to this event, thought about it for only a minute, I can now let it go and let my reaction go. I will not harbor this feeling inside of myself for hours or days. If it is important enough, it will come back and I will find a time to think through it thoroughly, but right now, I have finished experiencing this event and my sensitive reaction to it will now end.”

My, that was longer than I expected. Nonetheless, it does describe my current practice. The entire paragraph of “mantra” takes not even a full minute for me to experience because of my previous work with yoga and meditation. Those two practices have allowed me to practice clearing my mind and becoming accustomed to a calm mind. Not an unfeeling or less sensitive mind, but one that isn’t constantly screaming and processing.

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