Tip Two: Being okay means loving yourself

The truth of the universe hits you

when you face the toughest times of your life.

Mine slammed into me when I felt lonely surrounded by people who loved me.
Now, how could that be?

Society tells us that having many friends, things, and experiences validates you as a person. Therefore, having all of these things should make a person feel whole and worthy. What happens when you have all of these things and you still don’t feel worthy?

In my research of the world and people from all walks of life, I have found this recurring idea to be true. No matter how successful in your career or accomplished in your social life you might be, these things will not make you feel valid or whole.

You can travel every month. Going to every continent in one year. Or backpacking across all of Europe. If your intention is to reach a status level you deem important, self-worth will not come.

If you travel to find truth, connection and yourself, your trip will be profitable. Profitable in the sense of money? No. Profitable in the sense that you have filled yourself with culture, with experiences of hardship and vulnerability that make you realize what is truly important in this world:


Humans are social creatures. In the modern age, we are obsessed with connecting with as many people as we can. In paleo-lithic times, connection was much more attainable because surviving meant relying on each other as well as yourself for food, shelter and care. Continue reading “Tip Two: Being okay means loving yourself”