Tip Three: Get comfortable with silence

Comfortable with silence.
I like to write a lot about how highly sensitive people need self-care. I hope my posts have showed that it is essential to taking care of our well-being and cultivating a sense of inner peace within us. Today, I want to talk about something most people are afraid of.

No it’s not spiders or heights or jumping off a cliff.

It’s silence.

It’s being alone with yourself and nothing else to distract you.

Feeling scared yet?

Silence means being alone with your thoughts. Having to listen to what you think. What you believe and what you say to yourself. It’s daunting. It’s frightening. It is scary.

For a long time, there were just too many thoughts in my head. It was the complete opposite of silence. It was a rock concert and an Adele concert and a Rihanna concert all in one. Everyone singing, different tunes with different themes and different messages. There were too many voices and opinions. I couldn’t bear to sit still.  While at the same time, all I wanted was for everything to be still.

Do any of you feel that way? Let me know in the comments or shoot me an email.

It took me a long time to realize that I had a fear of being alone in my thoughts. I tried to fill my time with activities and distractions. I tried to be calm and comfortable by shutting all of my emotions and layers and layers of thoughts out.

(Not so secret secret: It did not work).

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