Aspects of a HSP

Does being a HSP really touch every part of my life?

I think about being a highly sensitive person a lot. Sometimes I feel as if I have so much to say and no one wants to listen (I’ll listen to you, message me!). It took me a long time to get out of my own head. I realized that everyone wants to be listened to. Everyone wants to feel like they matter and are relevant.

As a person who claims to be sensitive, I feel a strong sense of duty to practice active listening and  to be one of the few people in a person’s life they can trust to care. It is definitely not an easy task.  For a long time in my life, I  rejected aspects of myself I did not like and I felt other people did not like. This never made me happy. So I have decided to embrace my sensitive qualities, which is a lot, let me tell you.

Highly sensitive people are suggested to make up 20% of the population (Elaine Aron), which is why some of these qualities might seem common to you. Everyone has their own truth, and from my perception of the different qualities and people around me, I have measured my differences.   Here is my list of all the parts of myself (I believe) to be touched by increased sensitivity:

  1. The way I love deeply and with abandon
  2. How I think every action steps in the future
  3. I intensely care for my TV and book characters
  4. I’m unable to watch the news for the soul crushing pain it brings me
  5. I cannot listen to too many people talking at the same time (I will zone out to keep from panicking)
  6. Listening to too many types of noises is painful. I love music, but three different types of music at the same type making me want to shut off my brain
  7. My nitpicking
  8. The way I notice cleanliness without even trying
  9. Deep-seated need for cleanliness
  10. Passion for art and history
  11. Appreciation of the Earth’s beauty
  12. How heavenly calming the ocean is
  13. How ignorance angers me
  14. Inconsideration angers me
  15. My room is completely white to dissipate stimulation (my friend’s have said it reminds them of living on a cloud)
  16. Disorganization anywhere but my own room aggravates my nerves
  17. My complete acceptance and love for children
  18. My fear of a full-time job which constrains me and dampens my creativity
  19. Desperate need for freedom
  20. Resentment of authority
  21. I despise grocery stores! Too much commotion
  22. Music quiets my mind like nothing else can
  23. A powerful need to connect with people on an extremely personal level
  24. I have many, many, many walls within myself
  25. I taste food more specifically and with a stronger affect than others

I update this list as often as I can (Latest update 7/31/16)

There you have it. This list describes qualities of my personality intensified by my increased  sensitivity. If you have any about yourself please email me! I hope to create a master list of highly sensitive qualities from readers in the future. My list here leans more toward likes and dislikes which I personally feel a pull from my sensitivity. Maybe in the future I’ll change the style, but for now, I like it.  Being highly sensitive has touched every corner of my personality and my life. Everything seems more difficult and more complicated. When I discuss issues, I seem to have many more problems than the people around me. It has not been easy. Little by little, I work to accept all of the highly sensitive parts of myself and make them work for me life. I hope I help you all to do the same.