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Good morning friends!

I’m so excited to have had the pleasure to work with Ms. Granneman from Introvert, Dear on publishing my article on her blog!

Her blog discusses the sensitivities of introverts and highly sensitive people. Reading the blog has helped me to better understand myself and my tendencies. I highly recommend reading their articles. They put into words the complicated nature of highly sensitive and introvert people.

I am so incredibly thankful for this opportunity.

Being featured on this well-written, well-established blog means the world to me. I began this blog to share my experiences as a highly sensitive person which I felt few people were discussing. The nitty-gritty daily trials such as having panic attacks over being stuck in traffic, or feeling pangs of emotion when watching fictional television shows. I never thought that within a few months of making imaging this blog, I would be lucky enough to have an article of my personal experiences featured on an awe-inspiring blog.


Please click the link below and read my article!

World of thanks to Ms. Granneman and the Introvert, Dear community.

All my love.

Why I No Longer Feel Bad About Missing Out

(If the link is faulty, please visit and search the article “Why I No Longer Feel Bad About Missing Out” 🙂