Emotion Words

In order to promote making an effort to thoroughly know yourself, I will post words from all over the world that might be able to describe our many feelings.

These are often posted on twitter. This is the master list. I hope it’s helpful.

  1. Ullassa (उल्लास) ~ (Sanskrit, n.) = feelings of pleasantness associated with natural beauty.
  2. Goya ~ Urdu = it means the feeling of shock and suspension that occurs when hearing a good story
  3. Aloha Kaua ~ Hawaiian = may there be love between us
  4. Mangata ~ Swedish = the road-like reflection of the moonlight on water
  5. Shemomedjamo ~ Georgian = I accidentally ate much more than I meant to
  6. Sankocha ~ Kannada = A feeling of embarrassment from receiving a gift or favor, leaving one with a sense of now owing something.
  7. Mepak ~ Serbian = pleasure from the little things.
  8. Sobremesa ~ Spanish = a time after dinner with everyone has eaten and is now contently chatting.
  9. Waldeinsamkeit ~ German = A feeling of peace when in the woods alone.

Disclaimer: These words and their descriptions are not copyrighted by me.