Experiences of an anxious working introvert

On a recent discussion with a friend, she expressed,

“I tried to time my nausea so I could at least eat breakfast. It never worked though. Any time I had my breakfast in front of me, I was nauseous.”

Before going into work every morning, my friend felt physical symptoms of her anxiety and introversion. Each work day brought a new challenge to overcome. A new experience to be forced to undergo.

Going into work is an everyday occurrence for the majority of people. Get up around 6am. Get ready to leave for work. Maybe get the kids ready for school and head to work. Get home from work around 5. Make dinner, feed the kids, get them ready for bed and then get to bed yourself to start the process over the next day. Every day is the same.

For someone with introversion, dealing with the monotony of a 9 to 5 work day, 5 days a week, can seem purposeless.

For someone with introversion, dealing with the monotony of a 9 to 5 work day, 5 days a week, can seem purposeless. Money is necessary to have somewhere to live, to feed oneself, and take care of the ones you love. These feelings have caused my friend to feel trapped in her situation. She has to go to work. She went to school and took out student loans to get an education to improve her life. She cannot leave her job despite how much stress it might be causing her.

Meeting new people everyday who expect excellence from her, attempting to deal with the politics of government work and not knowing what new obstacles to expect have caused stress that demonstrates itself physically. The experience is toxic and troublesome. As difficult as it was to hear, I understood her feelings. Experiences common to the extroverted nature of the workplace overwhelm her. The time she spends at home she spends stressing about how the day went, what she could have done better and cringing over the parts that went wrong.

I asked my friend for permission to tell her story to you all. I did not want to give advice or comment on her experience. I simply wanted to share her experiences with you all. Perhaps this story will resonate with you. Overall, I hope this story brings awareness to the plight of a self-proclaimed anxious introvert.

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