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Welcome to

One Sensitive Day At A Time.



My name is Lisandra and

I am a Highly Sensitive Person.




Have you ever felt hyper sensitive to daily occurrences?

Have you ever wondered why aspects of life which seem insignificant to other people feel gravely stressful for you?

Have you ever felt happy in a social setting and suddenly so uncomfortable it felt as if your skin was trying to separate from your body?

Have you ever wondered if anyone felt the same as you?



 My friend, you have come to the right place.

I am a highly sensitive person. 





It has made me feel like an alien in everyday life. This feeling led me to Elaine Aron. She was the first person to coin the term "highly sensitive person" and opened up a new world for me. You can learn more about her on her website.

A few years after this discovery, I came across the Highly Sensitive Person Podcast by Kelly O'Laughlin. She actually made me feel like people were talking about this.

But I still felt alone.

"Why?" I said to myself.

Because these women are successful and established women. To me, they seemed to know who they are and have created success from it.

As a student completing my Master's of Public Health degree, I felt like a child compared to them. I still felt alone in my attempt to understand all of my highly sensitive aspects.

Bringing me to the creation of this blog and meeting all of you. I have created this blog to connect with all of my highly sensitive compatriots. Make a home here with me and discover a community of like-minded individuals trying to understand themselves and their highly sensitive qualities. I invite you to search through my blog and find what speaks to you.

Here and here I have more in-depth posts describing highly sensitive people.

 The One Sensitive podcast is live! Available on iTunes, Stitcher, Google play and most other podcast applications. Please subscribe and leave a review with your comments. 

Go and be merry!