Ep 2: Meditation

Have you had a difficult time dealing with stress, worry, anxiety and depression?

I have.

Meditation helped calm my mind.

It was not easy to learn. I went through a year or so of yoga to practice what calm mind felt like and how to cultivate it.

This podcast goes through how meditation was helpful and why calming your mind is important.

Please take care of yourself is a blog post I wrote in September of 2016 that covers similar content.

Buddhist monks use a meditation technique called “g Tom-mo” to increase their body temperature to dry wet towels placed on their skin. Referenced in this article.

I mention that 95% of the things that people worry about never happen. I found the research article. The correct percentage is 85% of things that people worry about never actually happen.

Leahy, R. L. (2006). The worry cure: Seven steps to stop worry from stopping you. Harmony Books.

Youtube channels mentioned in order:

Yoga with Adriene

Boho Beautiful (has a meditation playlist containing mantras)

Yoga by Candace


Music by: Shane A’sa Allay

Song Title: Anything

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