Sometimes, I just need a couch potato day

Sometimes, you just have those days where all you want to do is

Absolutely nothing.

A couch potato day

You eat pizza and ice cream and binge watch Extreme Homes, Once upon a time, or Star Trek. You know, all the shows you wouldn’t admit to anyone else that you watch. You take a bath, ignore all calls and never change out of your pajamas. A genuine couch potato day.

There are feelings you can’t exactly help and after a grueling week of work, you know it’s going to be one of those days. The worst moments are when these feelings arise after a recent vacation or long relative visit. But sometimes, it just hits you full on, and it feels as if there is nothing you can do about it. At times, the feeling has been so overpowering that it scared me. As if it was demanding that I stay in a comfy place and not over exert my mind or my body. I would be so angry with myself. How could I be this way? How could my body react to life this way and I feel so powerless to stop it?

Well there has been a lot of reasons and a lot of self-realizations, but I’ll go through just a few here.

First, the powerful, almost crushing, force I felt to stay still was my body telling me I needed to relax. Why did I need to relax so desperately? Because as an introvert I needed time for my brain to process things. Then I would ask myself, why does my brain need so much time to process things? I realized that, subconsciously, my brain was working through a hundred things at once and when my brain told me to stop, not slow down, but completely stop, it was on the verge of coming to a conclusion.

If I ever explained this process to a person who wasn’t highly sensitive, perhaps just an introvert, they often give me a “you’re crazy” look. They thought I was crazy because of my ability to recognize this complex process within myself. It took me a long time to realize that understanding yourself on this deep a level was not something most people knew. When I gave my body a chance and listened to it, the results have been quite remarkable.

When I give my body a chance and listen to it, the results can be quite remarkable.

Second, sometimes my body was simply exhausted from overstimulation. This would happen at all times, after a week of thorough studying, a weekend away, and a simple day of errands. It felt extremely abnormal to take so many breaks from life when I was not witnessing the same trends from others. What I learned to take into account were my highly sensitive tendencies. Everything I engaged in needed to be processed and understood on such a deep level that simple activities often wore me down. Taking the time to rejuvenate my mind to attack the next thing with a clear head was imperative to my success in many things, such as a dinner with more than two friends.

Third, my body told me to take breaks when I was happy. Happy! Can you believe it? Why would I need to stop when I’m in a wonderful mood? My answer, the freedom. My heart, mind and soul felt such a strong sense of freedom from being able to take a break. It was so satisfying to write posts, paint, and just eat while in my happy couch potato days. The entire process felt as if the universe was smiling down on me for taking care of myself. This tends to be a beautiful out-of-body experience.

The more I pay attention to my thoughts and needs the more I learn and the better experiences I have

I have had the opportunity to take advantage of what my body is telling me because of the type of lifestyle I have created for myself. The more I pay attention to my thoughts and needs, the more I learn and have better experiences. As an INFJ, we tend to feel deeply about the world and all its people. My appreciation of life and the mysterious ways in which it works has developed from this notion. Couch potato days can be just as productive emotionally and mentally as productive days at work. Your mind strives to take care of you in every kind of way. Your next big idea, self-realization or lifelong passion might just emerge from taking a long and luxurious couch potato today.

Enjoy and let me know how your couch potato day goes 🙂


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