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A sanctuary for highly sensitive people to heal and transform their lives

A Sanctuary for Highly Sensitive People to Heal and Transform Their Lives.


Hi. My name is Lisandra and I am a highly sensitive person. 

I created One Sensitive Day At A Time to help sensitive people take each and every sensitive day, one at a time. 

It is my mission to help sensitive people release negative beliefs holding you back and then instill positive beliefs to turn your life around rapidly through my therapy and courses.


Quiet Your Mind

A Program that gives you the tools to live in control of your mind, feel calm and silence negative thoughts.


Surviving to Shining

A course designed for anyone who is tired of being unhappy, unfilled, hateful of your sensitive self and crazy from being constantly overwhelmed.

I can help you change your life in 6 weeks. Are you ready to become the person you always wanted to be?


Healing for anyone trying to rapidly release negative patterns keeping you stuck in your life.