How your subconscious may be hurting you

Have you ever had something bad happen to you and you think, 

This is my fault. I deserve this. Why am I so awful. How could this happen to me?

This is your mind, telling you awful things about yourself.

Why would it do that? Why would it decide to criticize?

And then we stop and think, well if my mind is telling me this, then I must deserve it. It is coming from my mind, therefore it must be true. 

But what if it isn't true? Dun dun dunnnnnnn.

Ever thought about that? Have you ever stopped to question whether your mind was spewing nonsense and lies at you? I can practically hear your next question...

How could my mind work this way?

Well, all minds work this way. A few philosophical teachers (such as Eckhart Tolle and Abraham Hicks) refer to the part of the mind that spews negativity at you, as your ego. Your ego has thoughts and feelings which are using past experiences to come up with conclusions in the present. 

Let's give an example.

Say, you let your dog Rex outside of the house. You step inside for a minute and come back to see Rex chasing a skunk. You think in your head "Oh em F Ge" and you start running after him. Too late. *spzzz" Rex. Has. Been Sprayed. 

Now what do you do?

Are you the person who stops and thinks, Why me? How could I have been so foolish, Why did I not stay outside with Rex? Why did I even let Rex outside in the first place?

Or, are you the person who says, Well this isn't fun, but it's hilarious. Now I need to catch Rex and stick him in the tub while I Google "what to do when your dog has been sprayed by a skunk." My friends are really going to laugh at this. 

Do you see how different the responses are? One has the person berating themselves for a situation out of control, while the other is already thinking of how funny this story will be and how to help . 

Which person would you like to be?

I would definitely like to be the second person. However, I understand the first person. I was the person who berated myself first for most things for a very long time. 

But this does not have to be you. You can keep yourself from being negative and unhappy. 

How? By moving past the conscious mind and negative thoughts to the subconscious mind. This part of your mind holds all of your memories, all of your conclusions from past events. It is the part of your mind that you normally never access while awake. It is the part of your mind that we want to talk to and heal to stop the cycle of negativity in your life. 

Have you ever wondered why you do not think well of yourself? Why anytime you fail you bully yourself into never getting up again. Other people fail and keep going. Why not me? While this question alone is a negative one, beginning to wonder how other people were successful, happy and functioning, opened the doors to a new way of life for me. 

I want to help you jumpstart your life. 

Let's go into your subconscious and release anything bad you might be holding on to. Do you remember being embarrassed at school when you were a kid and having anxiety speaking in public ever since? Do you remember trying to play with a sibling and how it hurt when they ignored you? 

Some people can let those things go. I'm sure you have let some go too. But some stay with us. Some nag us and eat away at us until we only hear negative thoughts and self-abusive thoughts. You shouldn't blame yourself for this either. Your brain is always developing and interpreting things. Sometimes its difficult for us when a new thing happens to process it maturely and objectively. 

Let's free ourselves. 

Let's let go of the negative thoughts plaguing you. Let's free you to think rationally. To enjoy positive and negative experiences and see them as they are, fleeting, a memory and a lesson. Even the bad things that happen to us can vastly improve our lives. But we don't want to be scared to love, feel, or be with others because of it. 

You can let go of the harshness of your subconscious mind by becoming aware of it. Recognize when you have a similar feeling around similar situations. Try to place where those feelings are coming from. Are they your thoughts or were they ideals placed upon you? Write down what you learn, Practice saying to yourself the positive version of what your mind has been plaguing you with. It takes time and a very keen awareness and diligence. 

I can help you overcome these barriers toward living your best life, rapidly. 

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Your subconscious mind can be your greatest source of positivity. Let's do it together.