Why Vulnerability is my word of the year


What comes to mind when you hear this word? 

I think of weak, open, bare and exposed. These words all sound so negative and are often used to describe highly sensitive people.  So why on earth would I ever make it my word of the year?

Well, in order to answer this question, let me tell you a little story.

There once was a child who loved life. This child sang and dance everywhere. Laughed all of the time and loved to be outside. This child knew that the world was wonderful and a beautiful place. This child knew that the only thing important in this world was love. Enjoying how amazing life was, was an extension of love. Love filled you. Kept you feeling whole and safe. 
And then one day, the child woke up and the world was dark. It was cold and empty and harsh. And the child knew that this world was wrong. This was not the way life was supposed to be. It was wrong and unforgiving. And the child was sad. Walking aimlessly. Unsure of what to do or what steps to take. 

This was how I felt growing up. 

Life was beautiful. It was easy and amazing. I always knew I was sensitive. I reacted to everything and it was not accepted. Little by the little, the world weighed on me. It should me that love was not abundant. Happiness was not abundant and the possibility of me having all of those things was none existent. 

I lived for a very long time this way. 

It was cold. It was depressing. And most of all, it was very very lonely. 

It took a lot of self discovery for me to relax my mind enough to STOP over-thinking and over-analyzing. Once I was able to quiet my mind, I could observe and discover all of my sensitivities and their benefits, without the crushing weight of pain from feeling too much about every little thing.

It was breathtaking. I could see the world again. I could feel joy from everything again. The sun, heat, little kids and puppies brightened up every already happy day. It was amazing. 

But do you know what I was left with from feeling the darkness of the world? WALLS.

Layers and layers of them. That I then needed to work through to in order to connect with people and be my true self. I was never very good at hiding my true self. It made life as a highly sensitive person very difficult for me. But I had grown so accustomed to subduing myself. Only telling one or two people when something really bugged me or really upset me. These walls have kept me from a lot of possibilities in life. I didn't enjoy things as much because I was afraid that people would know the real me. I have a very hard time being vulnerable with other people. 

But no more. 

Because being sensitive is ALL ABOUT being VULNERABLE

Vulnerability is what makes us SO amazing. It's what makes us powerful.

We can connect with other people on a deep level. Our sensitivities allow people to feel really connected. It gives us an ability to really help people. To get them to listen to our truly unique and innovative insights. It's what makes us strong and powerful. Without being vulnerable, how could we offer the world the beauty of who we truly are? 

So i decided to Take my Power Back.

My sensitivity is a GIFT. It is a POWER. and ability to be vulnerable is the path that connects my GIFT with other people. 

If I close off my vulnerability and keep my walls high and strong, how will I connect with others? How will they see that my sensitivity brings insight. Answers to difficult questions and new ways of looking at the world, even new things to love about the world. 

If I am too scared to be who I truly am in each and every moment, then how I show the world (and myself) that sensitivity is completely a gift. 

If I am too scared to let my walls down, then how can I show the power in feeling too much. That even if I feel too much, I can also bounce back quickly because I see the joy in everything. 

If I am too afraid to let people see that I feel, how I can teach them joy, love, and happiness?

So yes. 
Vulnerability is my word of the year. Of my life. 
It's my way of living. 
If only one person benefits from my ability to fully empathize with them and help them. Then I have done the right thing. 



Now it's time to hear your stories! I'd love to hear them. Are you afraid to be vulnerable too? Let's chat in the comments!