What if you didn't feel?

Feelings makeup the entire world of a highly sensitive person. Unfortunately, as a society, we have a firm belief that feelings are extremely weak and unnecessary. I have always thought that to be hilarious,

As an exercise, I decided to explore these options. What if we didn't feel? I go to one of my absolutely FAVORITE sources for out-of-the-box thinking: Science fiction movies and television shows. 

  1. Star Trek introduced the Borg (an emotionless race of people who use technology to assimilate or wipe out every other race).

  2. Doctor Who introduced Cybermen (another mechanical race with human parts who attempt to remove emotion)

  3. and the Daleks (a race so cruelly created that they are filled with hate and the total annihilation of all beings)

  4. [can you tell that I'm a little bit of a nerd?-> tweet me if you are too!]

All of these created races were once human beings turned into robots devoid of emotion. These robots roamed the universe attempting to erase the "weakness" known as feelings. Now I agree, I can practically hear you saying "This is how all take over the movies are! Why bring it up?" Well, let me tell you why. These movies talk about something really interesting: Why no feelings are bad. And I want to make sure you truly understand what it means to not feel and why being a highly sensitive person is such a gift. So let's delve a little deeper. I'm going to use a super in depth analogy about families to explain why we need feelings.

What would families be like without feelings?

Let’s explore the idea: Biologically, a man and a woman is necessary to make a family. A world without feelings would pair a man and woman, based on their genetic makeup, in order to make the healthiest and smartest progeny possible. Love is no longer a factor. Would individuals then need to have rules to keep them monogamous? Would individuals be able to satisfy their biological craving to procreate with anyone they chose? The sexual drive would still be there, the desire to be a moral person would no longer be there because no one could feel good or bad. Sounds like a mess doesn't it?

Let’s move on. Let’s say a couple is paired together for genetic purposes. They procreate and have a child. Would that couple get to raise their own child? Feelings would be gone, however, instinct would still be present. Instinct is biological. Mothers would have a strong desire to watch over their children. They might not call it love in this alternate universe, maybe maternal instinct. Still, in a world without feelings, would maternal instinct even be valued or exist? Fathers, on the other hand, have an instinctual need to protect. Would they have a drive to care for their new unit or would this be considered a feeling and therefore obsolete in this new world?

Who would raise the children?

Would children be shipped off to grow with others their same age and learn rules of the world? Would parents no longer be together because without love, why would they stay? The need to exist in groups is a survival instinct embedded in our DNA. How could individuals feel included if they were alone? Would the worth of individuals then derive from their success or would it be how well each person performed? 

Life would only be a game of how much better each person was over the other.

Did I get side tracked? Lets stick with this alternate universe and say that the parental unit raises their children. Parents would teach their children to take care of themselves, be as independent as possible. Without feelings, there would be no reason for children to be naïve and enjoy their younger years. They would be taught with the sole purpose of retaining as much information as possible. There would be no passions,  finding your dreams, nor listening to your heart. The more skills a child has, the better they produced in their future positions. This would, in essence, demonstrate successful parenting.

Likability is no longer an included factor.

Young adults would make career path decisions based on how well they performed.  This alternate universe might have one benefit, that is in the work environment. Your likability by others would no longer be an included factor. Popularity, social skills or charm would no longer be relevant. Leaders would include people who were the best at their job. Determining who is the best fit would only include success rates. Emotional relationships with management would be obsolete. Therefore, there would be no need for conflict. Employers would have no background to scrutinize except for skill level. This would certainly improve the efficiency and fairness associated with the work place, but would it be better?

Have you ever seen ants working together? They move along in one long line to bring crumbs from one place to another. Birds fly in a group on the same path. This organization seems robotic to me. Where is the individuality, uniqueness and interest? Do they care where they are going or do they simply know that they have to do it. Does choice even matter if no one has feelings to care?

Does choice even matter if no one has feelings to care?

The possibilities of the unknown are endless. I honestly could go on and on, but I would like to leave you with this thought. If feelings were not a part of who we are, opinions, passions and beliefs wouldn’t even matter. Who would we be without the possibility of choice? To choose who to love, what our passions are and how we go through life. Feelings give us these possibilities, without them, what would our world be?