How having self-worth can change your life.

Value yourself! 

I just want to scream it from the rooftop sometimes because it breaks my heart when beautiful, beautiful people do not value themselves. Yes, you all are beautiful. Its foolish to think otherwise. How can I be so harsh you may ask? Well, have you ever thought about how you came into being. How many complex systems had to come into being just to make the intricately beautiful being that is you. All of the cells, combination of amazing design. There are an estimated 37.2 trillion cells in the body. With 30-40 billion of them estimated to renew in your body each. And every. Day. Is that not amazing? Thats not even getting into how awesome it is that they can alll work together. 

So why think of yourself as unworthy? Meaningless? A loser? How do you have the right to say such terrible things about the beauty of science or God, whichever you like to believe? How can you knock something so pure and organic of the universe?

Okay. Exhale. I got that out. I just had to tell you all as fast as I could how amazing you are!  

Back to the focus of this post. 

How having self-worth can change your life. Yes change.  

It can make you happy (gaspppp imagine that) . It can make you believe in yourself and your life. It can give you an understanding that life will unfold beautifully for you because it desires to give you anything you could imagine. 

Can you believe that? I know its hard. I was there too. But when you take your mind out of the drudgery of every day life and find people who actually care about being happy and living a meaningful life, you can truly see how absolutely glorious life can become.  In fact, it has already become. Every moment of your life propels you forward. Look back on your life. Can you see the steps that lead to this moment? All of the random searches, learning outside of the classroom and talking to people to find this post that focuses on growing your self-worth. Focuses on you and creating the happiest version of your life that you can. 

Pretty amazing when you stop to think about it right. How many things had to happen to lead you here, or to your partner, friend, job, hobby, place of living? 

So how does self-worth even affect these things?

1. Self-worth allows you to choose the options that are right for you.

When you have self-worth, you have your best interests at heart. It allows you to say no to the things and people that you do not like, for the sake of your own happiness and well-being. Self-worth gives you the confidence to say, "This is good for me. It might not be what is good for you. I might be judged for it and I am okay with that."

It is the most freeing path in the world. 

2. It gives you the courage to speak up for your beliefs. 

When you have self-worth, you value your own ideas and opinions. Even if other people would disagree with you, you have enough belief in yourself to express yourself. Even if you are wrong, having self-worth means you accept the fear of being wrong and can acknowledge it as it passes by because you know that you stood up for yourself despite the fear. 

3. It sends an unconscious message of strength an independence to others. 

This benefit is one I think is noticed more by highly sensitive people. When you have self-worth people know that they cannot hurt you. They cannot touch you. They can try and they can affect you. But those who do not need others to justify their existence or who they are can bounce back from hurt, criticism and failure. 

4. It creates a buffer between you and the negativity of others.

A sense of self-worth isn't a fleeting state. It is something to be cultivated and nurtured always. This creates a strong resonance. A strong barrier between you and all of the negativity of the outside world which threatens to ruin your sense of joy and peace. Nurturing your self-worth allows harsh comments, critical looks, and mistakes to slip off your barrier. Never entering to meld with your sense of self, but simply becoming a blip of your history you may learn from. It sounds like heaven because it is. And only those who truly want to put in the work to live their best lives reap these many benefits. 

5. It puts you on your happiest path.

Having self-worth makes you happy! Of course it does. When you can rely on yourself for your worth and validation, you do not need someone else to do it. You are not begging anyone else to find you pretty, smart, strong or capable. You can do it for yourself. What a reason to be happy every day. 

6. You attract the best people.

When you are happy. People feel it. Just like you can sense confident people, people who are sure of themselves, happiness can be sensed by others. This makes people want to be around you. Just like how highly sensitive people gravitate toward emotionally strong and confident people to gain insight from them. Are you ready to be a course of happiness for your crew?

7. people want to rise to your level.

People want to meet you where you are! They see you shining, full of hope and love for yourself, and they want to be like you. They want to work harder and make more of an effort to be their best selves because they can see you being your best self. People say to be the change you want to see in the world. Well I always think about this. If i want more happiness and love for everyone, then I need to be a beacon of love and happiness. 


I could certainly go on for much longer but I think these are enough to think about, ponder and turn over in your mind. It will take time and effort to believe this. It will take fighting with your negative selves and crushing self-limiting beliefs, but of course you can do it. The light at the end of the tunnel is beyond worth it. I'm here to help you whether it's with a simple conversation or my lovely brand of Sensitive Souls Healing

Tune in next week for a guide on how to develop your self-worth!

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