Insight into Healing Workshop

Insight into Healing Workshop


Healing workshop to show sensitive people stuck in the belief that they will always be miserable and unhappy what happiness and peace within oneself feels like.

More details below:

This one day workshop is designed to show sensitive people that they can go through the day without being overwhelmed or overstimulated. This workshop is perfect for the sensitive person who believes that life should be miserable but is hoping to be proven wrong.

The workshop will take place completely online using video calls from 10am to 2pm EST. An hourly schedule will be given closer to the workshop date.

(More dates will be announced in the future based on the number of people who purchase this program. Please ask if you have any questions).

You will learn:

Why quieting the mind is so important AND how to do it (just with a lot more details ☺️)

Please ask if you have any questions!

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One day workshop designed to show sensitive people that they can go through the day without being overwhelmed or overstimulated. For the sensitive person who believes that life should be miserable but it hoping to find better.

This workshop is enrolling participants between Monday March 11, 2019 and Friday March 15, 2019.

The one day workshop will take place Saturday March 23rd, 2019.