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A sanctuary for highly sensitive people to heal and transform their lives

A sanctuary for sensitive people to Heal and transform their lives.

My name is


and I am a

Highly Sensitive Person

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.
— Maya Angelou

Disclaimers: Lisandra Achaibar is fully insured by the Energy Medicine Professional Association PPK1763138.

Certified in Hypnotherapy and Rapid Transformational Therapy. 

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Have you ever felt hyper sensitive to daily occurrences?

Have you ever wondered why aspects of life which seem insignificant to other people feel gravely stressful for you?

Have you ever felt so sensitive that one minute you are happy and the next you are crawling out of your skin?

Have you ever wondered if anyone felt the same as you?

My friend, you have come to the right place.

I am a highly sensitive person. 

Like you, I have felt like an alien in every day life. The majority of people never seemed to understand me, understand why I cared about things more, why I became sad so easily, and why the absolute littlest things caused me to sing with joy. 

My highly sensitive nature has brought immense joy into my life as well as immense sadness.

I pushed through it.

I taught myself how to appreciate the life I have and the person that I am. 

Now, I would like to teach all of you

You have the benefit of learning from my personal experiences and failures. I will guide you from removing the root of your problems all the way through instilling healthy practices to take your life from just okay to dreamworld status.

It is possible. 

You can do it. You deserve it.

The world needs sensitive people to be their best selves. To care about the world around them like no one else does.

It's time to take care of yourself. 

Look through my therapy page for more information about removing the root of your problems.

Then my courses page for learning how to instill healthy practices in your life. 


With peace and positivity,

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