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A sanctuary for highly sensitive people to heal and transform their lives


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Quiet Your Mind

Surviving to Shining Course

Insight into Healing One Day Workshop

 Quiet Your Mind Course

Quiet Your Mind is a course that I created to help sensitive people learn how to work with their mind to be free of negative thoughts, thought spirals or “thought attacks” and overwhelm. I used the techniques in this course to learn how to live from a calm place instead of in a constant state of overwhelm and anxiety.

To anyone thinking you can’t, you definitely can.

I used to think I could never stop the constant chatter and emotions in my head.

To learn more about how this course can help you change ALL of that, please watch the informational video below.

When you feel a resounding YES, please schedule a consultation call to speak to me personally to enter the course here.

Quiet Your Mind is a course that I created to help sensitive people quiet "thought attacks" and live in control of their mind, not at the mercy of it. This video describes the course. If you are interested in booking a consultation call. Please visit this link

Surviving to Shining Course

This course is a powerful healing program for the highly sensitive person who wants to upgrade their life in 6 weeks so they can free themsleves of overthinking, overwhelm, stress and a lack of self-love.


Schedule your free discovery call to find out more!

It all started when…

People would tell me:

  • I overthink everything

  • I get overwhelmed in any social situation

  • I am miserable waking up in the morning

  • I can’t be happy because everything upsets me

I used to be the same way.

I used to experience all of these things and more. I realized I was a highly sensitive person (do you know if you are highly sensitive? Take the test here.) and everything changed.

Now I:

  • Enjoy waking up in the morning

  • live from a place of peace and stillness

  • Overthinking does no control me

  • I can stop myself and relax BEFORE getting overwhelmed

  • I am confident enough to know my needs and what I can handle

I can do this for you too. Schedule your free informational call to find out more about how I can help you heal.

Insight into Healing Workshop
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Insight into Healing Workshop

Healing workshop to show sensitive people stuck in the belief that they will always be miserable and unhappy what happiness and peace within oneself feels like.

More details below:

This one day workshop is designed to show sensitive people that they can go through the day without being overwhelmed or overstimulated. This workshop is perfect for the sensitive person who believes that life should be miserable but is hoping to be proven wrong.

The workshop will take place completely online using video calls from 10am to 2pm EST. An hourly schedule will be given closer to the workshop date.

(More dates will be announced in the future based on the number of people who purchase this program. Please ask if you have any questions).

You will learn:

Why quieting the mind is so important AND how to do it (just with a lot more details ☺️)

Please ask if you have any questions!

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