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A sanctuary for highly sensitive people to heal and transform their lives

 Not sure if you are a sensitive or highly sensitive person?

First: take my are you sensitive or highly sensitive quiz

Both have their own gifts and challenges and are discussed on this site

(Quiz is loosely based on the work of Dr. Elaine Aron, my experiences with clients and my own traits and observances.)

Second: read the article below, I just found out I am a sensitive or highly sensitive person.

Just found out you are a sensitive or highly sensitive person?

Congratulations! Welcome to the sensitive club. We are super happy to have you here. Here are some things you might want to know as you begin your journey into your sensitive self:

  1. You were born this way. You are not flawed or broken or made incorrectly. You are a whole person with a personality trait not many people understand.

  2. With greater power comes greater responsibility. Realizing that you are sensitive is a gift. It can affect your life profoundly. It is up to you whether this effect is a negative or a positive one.

  3. You have to make the choice to love yourself. This is super important because society values the unfeeling, dominant male. Any feminine nature or expression of feeling will be looked down upon by general society. It is up to you to stand for yourself and who you are.

  4. Being sensitive is strength. Did you notice what I did there? I didn’t say it IS a strength. I said it IS strength because when you have the ability to feel so much and go through so much internally, you actually have the ability to create so much strength inside of you that you are internally stronger than anyone who is not sensitive. To be even more clear, this means that when bad things happen, you can handle it. It is the person who has never had much inner turmoil that cannot come back when a loved one dies. Because we feel so much, we get good at it and this makes us very very strong.

  5. You cannot cure sensitivity. Being sensitive is a part of you. It is in you DNA. You cannot force it out of you or cause yourself enough pain that it will leave. (sometimes you can get cold or shut down, but its not permanent). However, even though you cannot cure it, this does not mean in ANY way shape OR form that you should be suffering. Suffering is a symptom of your sensitivities. Symptoms can be taken care of and improved. This is the exact mentality that brought me from barely surviving to shining in every area of my life. [You can find out more about that in my story here or in my course here].

  6. Everyone has a differently level of sensitivity. Some people’s nervous systems are more sensitive to specific experiences and events than others. This does not discredit anyone’s sensitivity. It’s simply a different expression. Each type of sensitive person is welcome on this site. Please feel at home here and make use of the many resources available (listed at the end of this document).

Thanks for reading those. I hope they impacted you. Finally realizing I was a sensitive person and high sensitivity was a recognizable trait was the most freeing thing that ever happened to me. But it was only the beginning of my journey. A really beautiful journey.

Now, for your next steps:

  1. Have you taken Dr. Elaine Aron’s (who studied high sensitivity) highly sensitive person test?

  2. Have you taken my How sensitive are you quiz?

  3. Have you read my Overview of High sensitivity for Highly Sensitive people?

I hope these resources are helping you find clarity. Please sign up for my free workbook: Create an Amazing Day to start you on your journey towards becoming a healthy and happy sensitive soul.

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