Surviving to Shining Course

This course is a powerful healing program for the highly sensitive person who wants to upgrade their life in 6 weeks so they can free themsleves of overthinking, overwhelm, stress and a lack of self-love.


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It all started when…

People would tell me:

  • I overthink everything

  • I get overwhelmed in any social situation

  • I am miserable waking up in the morning

  • I can’t be happy because everything upsets me

I used to be the same way.

I used to experience all of these things and more. I realized I was a highly sensitive person (do you know if you are highly sensitive? Take the test here.) and everything changed.

Now I:

  • Enjoy waking up in the morning

  • live from a place of peace and stillness

  • Overthinking does no control me

  • I can stop myself and relax BEFORE getting overwhelmed

  • I am confident enough to know my needs and what I can handle

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