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A sanctuary for  sensitive people to Heal and transform their lives.

Sensitive Souls Hypnotherapy

Sensitive Souls Hypnotherapy is a form of hypnotherapy that allows a person to delve deep inside of themselves to find answers.

Answers to what? Answers for all of the pain that you experience.

Do you every feel like something is holding you back?

Do you worry that you may never find out what it is?

Do you have trouble realizing what your issue is even though you think about it a lot?

Then this therapy is for you.

This therapy can help you uncover deep feelings and beliefs that are causing you pain.

It will allow you to release those beliefs and put positive ones in their place.

This therapy is not for the faint of heart. It will delve deep into feelings and memories you might not remember. But it will help you heal. It will bring you to a new place in your life where you feel lighters and free.

If you are ready to find out more about this therapy, please schedule a consultation phone call with the link below.

Would you like more information? Please read the therapy’s FAQ’s below.


Sensitive Soul’s Hypnotherapy FAQ's

A brief synopsis

 What is Sensitive Souls Hypnotherapy (SSH)?

Ninety percent of the things that you think and do stem from negative beliefs held in your subconscious. You only have access to ten percent of this information in your conscious mind. Sensitive Souls Hypnotherapy uses deep meditation to reach your subconscious. When you access the subconscious mind, you now have access to all of the aspects of yourself affecting your life negatively.

What is this deep meditation like?

SSH allows you to reach the alpha brain wave state, similar to REM sleep. You are completely aware under this meditation and have the choice to say what you would like and keep anything you would like to yourself.

What kinds of issues can this fix?

Everything! SSH fixes what is impacting your life, whether it is depression, phobia, love issues, money blocks or more. If you have a powerful desire to improve your life then SSH may be for you. 

How much is this and what is included?

Included in the SSH package is a free consultation call, 90 minute healing therapy session, healing meditation recording to listen to after the session, and one follow up call two weeks after session date. Pricing is discussed on the free consultation cal

How can this help me?

We use this treatment modality to allow the client to realize their own negative thoughts and determine their own conclusions. I will function as your guide on your healing journey. She is not there to tell you what your issues might be, but to allow you to learn about yourself and use this knowledge to heal all wounds.

How do I know if this is right for me?

Sensitive Souls Hypnotherapy is for people who want to improve their lives quickly without the need for a long period of life analysis, but rather the ones that are significantly impacting your present life. If you are ready to do the work to improve your life, let me answer any and all of your questions.

How do I know this is safe? 

This type of therapy is based on a number of modalities. All precautions are taken to ensure the client's safety. Lisandra Achaibar is certified in hypnotherapy and Rapid Transformational Therapy (through the Marisa Peer School).. She is insured by the Energy Medicine Professionals Association. All clients who choose to receive an SSH session must also sign a consent form affirming awareness of all pertinent information. All information is kept completely private. Your safety and happiness is our priority. 


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My session with Lisandra was amazing! She created a safe space for me to talk about what I was going through, and was gentle and encouraging through the whole process. She found the root of my issue and then helped me resolve it. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to understand themselves and make positive changes in their life!
— Julia K.
Lisandra, I just wanted to thank you sooo much! My one session with you have taken my awareness of the world around me to new heights. I am more in-tune with Spirit and am consciously attracting things that I want and seeing things that I probably was not aware of before. Fear surrounding failure is continuously decreasing and clarity is taking its place. I haven’t been this excited about life for a long time! I haven’t felt this level of confidence since I was a kid. I feel like a positive contributor to life and not just merely along for the ride! I look forward to impacting the world in a positive way like you have with me! Thank You!
— Barry A.
I was referred by a friend and hesitant to try but I am so glad I did. Lisandra picked up how sensitive I was from the second we start talking. She was very comforting, judgement fee, understanding and loving. Even though I am an introvert, I was able to open up easily. Wow! What a transformational session that was! I felt lighter immediately. I would highly recommend Lisandra to anyone.
— Alexis E.
I really enjoyed my session with Lisandra. Her session left me feeling very positive and peaceful. It made me aware of some beliefs I had that was affecting my present. I still listen to her recording when I am feeling blue and it always relaxes me and reminds me to believe in myself. I would recommend her to anyone looking to improve their self-image.
— Janice P.