Tip Four: Acceptance

This week's tip is all about acceptance of who you are and where you are.

Sounds pretty difficult right? 

So let's do what I love to do. Let's start at the beginning and set the scene. 

It was a rainy, cloudy day. I didn't want to get up. Didn't want to move. Was too overwhelmed with just the mere thought of the day. I couldn't think. so I couldn't move. I was frozen in a haze of the unknown, the worry, and the possibilities. Why couldn't I move?

This used to happen to me a lot. It used to happen to so often that I was used to the agony of the morning. I would fight sleep at night because the morning had too much weight. Too much heaviness. I used to think, How do people live? How do people survive? Is it just me who has this trouble? If it's not, why does no one talk about it?

It was many years later that I found out that a lot of people have this issue. A lot of people feel this way and everyone thinks its right to ignore it, shut it out, pretend they never feel bad. So then I felt even weirder because I wanted to talk about it. I wanted to talk about the bad. The world wasn't perfect. Everyone knew it. So why is no one talking about the bad?

The answer is pretty simple. You might have already guessed it. See no one wants to actually feel bad. So they think not talking about it will make it go away. Well, we know as highly sensitive people that ignoring our feels or pushing them down does NOT make them go away. 

Bad feelings go away when we acknowledge them, accept them and let them go. 

See, it's actually a power of highly sensitive's to be able to be aware of our emotions and use them to correct any inconsistencies that occur in our lives to make our lives as happy as we would like them to be. 

It is a power, trust me, the more I practiced it, the more I realized it. We can have so much control over our emotions and use them to then control our lives to become happier and more fulfilled than anyone we know. 

Sounds too good to be true? 

It's not. I've done it. 

So why am I telling you about my success? Because you can do it too. 

My life isn't perfect. It's not always happy nor easy nor simple. 

But I am happier and more fulfilled than anyone I know because I accept each and every moment for what it is. I accept the days that I cannot wake up and remind myself of all the things I enjoy about the day, about life and the people I have in my life. On the days I jump out of bed with excitement. I always remind myself to stop and appreciate this happiness. Remember the feeling and make it a part of me to take it with me wherever I go.

See, when you accept where you are in the moment, when you stop to take a breath and see the world for what it truly is, you can feel amazing.

Because the world is pure. It is neutral. It is not here to destroy you nor judge you. It is here for your to shape a life that you love and that you enjoy. This is an idea that may take some time to believe and time to implement. But that's why you have me. You have the highly sensitive community. Your friends and your loved ones. Staying on the path of presence will change your mind. Change your outlook. I could really go on forever. But let me try another means of convincing you.

As highly sensitive people, we have many days where it seems that we have an overwhelming amount of negativity and annoyances that plague us. We can't seem to NOT get annoyed by anything. Everything is a source of pain, a source of anger and frustration. You've had those days too haven't you?

So let me ask you, on those days, what did you do to feel better? Anything?

Did you meditate or do yoga? Did you do a breathing exercise? Did you go for a walk or a swim or out for coffee with a loved one?

I'm guessing you didn't. Don't worry. I'm not saying that to judge. I'm saying it because I used to do nothing too. I used to hide away and shut myself out from the world and contemplate on how I was so messed up. 

But you know what, I wasn't messed up. I was simply ignoring what my highly sensitive powers were telling me. 

I wasn't listening. I wasn't saying. Hey feelings, why are you here today, why are you on high alert? Because you see, my feelings were always trying to tell me something. Just like they are trying to tell you. 

They are trying to say,

Hey, you need to slow down, we need a mental break. or

Hey, you really do not like this group of people. They drain you and do not support you. or

Hey, this is not the job for you, why are you pushing yourself past your limits, consequently ignoring everything that makes you you?

See our highly sensitive powers are always trying to tell us something. 

They are always trying to say hey. Listen up buddy. I love you. I am trying to help you be happy and fulfilled in your life. We have greater power that most people because you can actually hear me. So why aren't you listening? Now here is the kicker,

Because we do not accept who we are as highly sensitive people.

  1. We do not accept that we are more sensitive than most people we know
  2. We do not accept that we have overwhelming feelings often
  3. We do not accept that we love harder and hurt deeper
  4. We do not accept that we can't be anywhere but home for too long
  5. We do not accept that we can get offended so easiliy
  6. We do not accept that we simply cannot live life the same way as everyone else

Now, in previous tips, I have gone through how to be more calm, more at peace and more loving of yourself. 

And that is precisely why tip four is all about acceptance of yourself. Who you are right now. Where you are in your journey right now. How you feel about yourself, how you feel about the world, how you feel about your future. You can be a sensitive person who gets hurt too easily, cries too often and is sad for too long. You can be a sensitive person who laughs over the smallest things and finds joy suddenly and out of nowhere. 

Who you are is perfect. 

You do not have to BE anyone. You do not have to act a certain way, talk a certain way or be successful. Everyone thinks there is a right way to do each and everyone of those things. Just because the people around you might not agree with what you have chosen. Doesn't mean its wrong. 

Forgive yourself today. 

Forgive yourself for all of the hurtful things you have ever said to yourself. Forgive yourself for all of the terrible things you thought you were. Forgive yourself for thinking you were messed up in the first place. 

And Let go. 

Let go of all of your pain. You do not need it. Let go of all of the memories you have of being hurt. You do not need it. Let go of the all the times you said you were an alien, you said you were wrong, or you said you weren't worth. 

Accept who you are. Accept your place in life. And understand that you have the power the change it. 

Create acceptance in your life by changing the conversation in your mind. 

  1. Do not tell yourself you are awful
  2. Do not tell yourself you are unlovable
  3. Do not blame yourself for the awful thing you did 15 years ago
  4. Do not tell yourself you are unworthy of love because ONE person did not love
  5. Do not tell yourself that you are unworthy of love because you think NO ONE loves you

Because I love you. Don't believe me? I wouldn't have either. But I have learned a lot of things over the years. Love is not conditional. It is not based on how nice you are, how pretty you are or how talented you are. Love is based on the fact that everyone is here on this earth to be happy, to make a difference and to help others. You will stumble along the way. You will do the wrong things. NONE of that makes you unlovable. NONE of that makes you unworthy. Those that put worth on love do not love themselves. So why would you want their love anyway?

  1. Do tell yourself often that you love yourself.
  2. Do tell yourself that you are worthy of love
  3. Do write down everything that you love about yourself
  4. Do remind yourself constantly that your worth is not based upon the opinions of others because there will always be people who like you and people who do it. 
  5. Do remember that you have the power of choice. Who will you listen to, the angel or the devil?

These exercises are powerful. I know because I've done them myself. If you do them. You will see a benefit. Remember to stop doing things as much as you need to remember TO do things. As always, I am here for you. Please reach out to me to talk, to be healed. I know I can help you. My therapy, Sensitive Souls Healing, can get to the root cause of your problems and release them. 

I'd love to hear how these exercises work for you comment below with your thoughts. 

And now its time for the video! Extra content that I created to help you all get a quick fix on the post, or for those, like me, who just like to hear a live person to better connect. Enjoy and remember to join me on Instagram live the following Tuesday @ OneSensitive.